Neighborhood Awards

2019 Neighborhood Awards

Association of the Year:
Olde Preble Neighborhood Association

If you were to look up Olde Preble Neighborhood Association on Facebook and scroll through all of their posts, you wouldn’t think they are only a year old. In the past year they organized a fantastic and well attended National Night Out event which caught the attention of multiple media channels, collaborated with the Preble Park Neighborhood Association to put on one heck of an Easter egg hunt which also received media attention, organized brat frys, bingo nights, and has developed the best social media presence we have seen in a neighborhood association to date spotlighting neighbors, seasonal décor, home improvement projects, and of course important communications relevant to their neighborhood. Their board has demonstrated they will take any opportunity to improve their organization and become effective leaders by attending the social media training offered by the GBN, participating in the GBN’s Mentorship Program, and sending a board member to NeighborWorks America’s Community Leadership Institute. Congratulations Olde Preble!

Improvement Award:
Fritsch Park Neighborhood Association

FPNA took it upon itself to update Ted Fritsch Park with a new amenity. The Association made the decision to add a GaGa Ball Pit to the park for all to enjoy. The GaGa Ball pit is popular amongst kids and also adults as they play with their families. It promotes team work and physical fitness. Through fundraising, a GBN mini-grant, and close collaboration with the GB parks recreation and forestry department, and neighborhood volunteers, they were able to make this a success. This is the first GaGaBall pit in a City owned park.

                      Outstanding Communication                        East Shore Drive Neighborhood Association

East Shore Drive faced a neighborhood crisis in June 2019 when a fire broke out at a residence occupied by three generations of a family. The house was a complete loss and most unfortunately claimed the life of a child. It did not take long for the neighborhood association to mobilize and mount a campaign to raise funds to assist their neighbors in need. East Shore Drive Neighborhood Association utilized Nextdoor and other means of communication to raise $1800 which was able to help the family of 8 afford to stay in hotels while the family worked to find new permanent housing. We commend East Shore Drive for their effective use of communication and quick response to help their neighbors in need.

Outstanding Event:
Bay Highlands Neighborhood Association

Every Thanksgiving morning starting @ 9:00 Bay Highlands has their neighborhood “Mash Dash”It consists of a 1/2 mile kids walk/run and a 2 mile walk/run for everyone. All proceeds benefit the Freedom House which is a few blocks west of our neighborhood. Last year over $2500 was raised along with other donations. 2019 was their 10th year organizing this event which raised over $3200. Along with the cash donation they also donated food, paper goods, and other items.

Phoenix Award:
Tank Neighborhood Association

After resting for 9 years, the new board of Tank Neighborhood banded together and arose with great momentum. They have an active presence on Social media, they are organizing events such as neighborhood walks and cleanups, and were chosen as a finalist in the Current Young Professionals Support of Urban Projects event. There is every reason to believe that the Tank Neighborhood association will continue to grow and serve the needs of their neighborhood.

Inky Meng Award for Resident Leadership:
Deb Dehn

Deby has been a neighborhood supporter for decades. She served as president of the Navarino NHA, and currently sits on the Astor NHA board. Deby has served for many years on the Olde Main St. Board of Directors as well as NeighborWorksGB Board of Directors. Her knowledge of real estate and the housing markets in Green Bay has been useful in the redevelopment of Green Bay neighborhoods. She champions neighborhood based projects such as the GBN CLI and the Astor Neighborhood “If Homes Could Talk” Historic House Tour. Deby currently sits on the Redevelopment Authority where she and the board make vital decisions about neighborhood developments through-out Green Bay.

Neighborhood Awards

2018 Neighborhood Awards

Association of the Year:
Western Corridor Neighborhood Association

Picture are representatives from Western Corridor Neighborhood Association who is the 2018 Neighborhood Association of the Year. Western Corridor Neighborhood Association has engaged its neighbors by hosting numerous events, from a movie in the park, to block parties, to a community education series with topics ranging from crime prevention and safety, gardening, and bike safety. They also have taken ownership of their neighborhood by making physical improvements to a trail system which runs through their neighborhood with the addition of doggy waste stations and a bike repair station. This trail system is a focal point of this neighborhood and they recognize it, which is why they help organize trial clean-ups and also plant flowers. The Neighborhood association keeps their neighbors up to date by publishing multiple newsletters, keeping an updated Facebook page and a website.

Outstanding Beautification:
Oak Grove Neighborhood Association

Pictured a representatives from the Oak Grove Neighborhood Association who is the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Beautification Award. Working with members of the City Council and the Mayor, Oak Grove Neighborhood Association successfully acquired nearly $25,000 in city funding for the construction of a hard-surface trail in Sullivan Park. Members of the association constructed a kiosk out of rough-sawn cedar at the juncture of the Sullivan, East River and Baird Creek trails. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department provided a laminated map of the three trails to help joggers, bikers and walkers navigate the trail system. The Oak Grove Neighborhood Association worked with the city in installing a permanent bench and concrete pad along the new trail in Sullivan Park. Volunteers from the Oak Grove Neighborhood Association constructed a circular planter around “The Twig” sculpture near our neighborhood sign along East Mason Street after permission was granted by the Public Works Department and the City Council. Perennials were added to the landscaped area around the nearby Oak Grove neighborhood sign. In 2018 there was a spat of gang-related graffiti on the two bridges at Sullivan Park going over the East River and Baird Creek and the kiosk the association installed at that location last year. The Oak Grove Neighborhood Association worked with the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department in quickly erasing or covering up graffiti any time it occurred. They also worked with nearby East High School to enlist its assistance to discourage graffiti activities. Littering has continued to be a problem along the Baird Creek Trail and into Sullivan Park with many East High Students walking the trail to McDonalds on Main Street. The association worked with the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department in installing new trash containers along the trail.

Outstanding Communication:
Fritsch Park Neighborhood Association

Pictured are representatives from the Fritsch Park Neighborhood Association who is the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Communication Award. • Communication is key in order to have a successful neighborhood association. You can have the best food, best musicians, and fun activities, but if you can’t successfully get the word out your event or program will be a flop. Because of Fritsch Park Neighborhood Association’s effective use of social media, printed newsletters, and signage, they were able to more than double the turn-out at their events compared to past years.

Outstanding Event:
Starlite Neighborhood Association

Pictured is Starlite Neighborhood Association who is the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Event Award. For the past three years, Starlite Neighborhood Association has been designing and constructing award winning parade floats. Designing and constructing a parade float takes an incredible amount of time, volunteer management, and plain old hard work.Marching this float in the parade isn’t just a display of holiday spirit, but neighborhood pride! And not only does it shine a light on their neighborhood association but sets an example for what great things can come out of Neighborhood Associations.

Inky Meng Award for Resident Leadership:
Mayor Jim Schmitt

For his 16 years of service to improving Green Bay’s Neighborhoods, Mayor Jim Schmitt was awarded the Inky Meng Award