A History of Healthy Neighborhoods & Resident Leaders


  • Paul Jadin is elected Mayor and joins the Board of Trustees of NeighborWorks Green Bay.
  • He learns that housing and other challenges in Green Bay’s Original Neighborhoods are more serious than most people understand.
  • Realizing that NeighborWorks Green Bay would be a great ally in working for change, Jadin forms a Task Force with them and other community leaders.


  • Mayor Jadin forms the Mayor’s Neighborhood Resources Board based on the Task Force study. He asks NeighborWorks Green Bay Trustees John Gilman and Inky Meng to serve as co-chairs.
  • They’re assisted by Keith Pamperin, Cheryl Renier- Wigg, and others at the City.


  • The MNRB focuses efforts around the concept of Healthy Neighborhoods, envisioning an Urban Partnership as coordinator.
  • The group raises $600,000 for the Urban Partnership, with half going to the MNRB and half to the Urban Hope (now E-Hub) entrepreneurial empowerment organization.


  • Mayor Jadin creates the City’s Neighborhood Division. Staff, originally housed at NeighborWorks Green Bay, moves to City Hall.
  • Green Bay is recognized as an All-America City.
  • The City partners with UW-Extension to begin organizing residents into Neighborhood Associations.


• Jim Schmitt is elected Mayor – Commits to supporting neighborhood initiatives.
• Community Policing
• Proactive Inspections
• Police Liaison Officers
placed in schools.

• The Mayor’s Neighborhood Resource Board changes it’s name to the Mayor’s Neighborhood Leadership Council.

• Mayor Schmitt brings Neighborhood Association Presidents to the table.

• John Gilman and Inky Meng step down as co-chairs and Tom Krautkramer takes over as Chair.


  • The MNLC establishes a Beautification Committee that creates “Life of the River” a public sculpture walk along the Fox River.
    For several years, the group will commission local and national sculptors to create works for the community.


  • Noel Halvorsen, President & CEO of NeighborWorks Green Bay assumes the role of MNLC Chair.
  • The MNLC conducts Resident Leadership Training Programs to build the capacity of grass-roots leaders.


  • Life of the River is
    recognized by the Wisconsin
    Arts Board and others for its
    contributions to the


  •  As the number of associations grow, the groups decides to pursue 501(c)(3) status, securing it in 2012, along with a name change to the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council.


  • In 2013, the activities of the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council were recognized nationally, with a second place finish at the Neighborhoods USA Conference!
  • In 2013, the activities of the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council were recognized nationally, with a second place finish at the Neighborhoods USA Conference!


  • Dan Theno accepts role as Chair


  • Sarah Lueschow accepts role as Chair


  • In 2021 the Green Bay Neighborhood Leadership Council voted to change their name to Green Bay Neighborhoods.


  • Michael Poradek accepts role as Chair 

GBN Activities

  • Creating Neighborhood Identity is an intentional process. From inception, the GBN has created identity through signage projects with Associations.
  • The GBN partners with NeighborWorks Green Bay to send local teams to national Community Leadership Institutes. Our teams bring home new energy and ideas that start community gardens and Home & Life Workshops!
  • And local Community Leadership Institutes!
  • We activate Parks!
  • We Make grants to
    fund creative ideas!
  • We Promote Family,
    Community, and Public Safety!