Each year there is typically at least one round of MiniGrants, either funded by the GBN or the City of Green Bay. MiniGrants have funded a variety of projects that Neighborhood Associations propose, including:

  • Public art pieces
  • Community gardens
  • Environmental projects
  • Neighborhood Association branding
  • Little libraries
  • Neighborhood events
  • Scholarships
  • Crime prevention tactics

Every recognized Neighborhood Association may apply for MiniGrants. There is no limit on how many grants a Neighborhood Association may apply for or how much they can ask for.  Neighborhood Associations that submit well-prepared (and complete) applications with creative ideas that leverage neighborhood assets have the best chance of being funded.

Click here for the MiniGrant Application form.

Past MiniGrant Recipients

Nicolet Drive Neighborhood Association’s 2015 “Keep Kids Alive Drive 35” Mini Grant Project